Each year our organization typically ships four to six 40 foot containers  of donated medical supplies, medicine, clothing, school supplies, food and other humanitarian aid items to the Washington Overseas storage facility in Pimienta to be used and distributed in Honduras. A portion of every shipment received when the weather is good is saved to use during the frequent floods that occur in Honduras, causing Hondurans to lose their homes and all that they might own.   We need volunteers to help sort, box and load these shipments

Beans and Rice Ball ; Our primary fundraiser  for the organization.  This is typically held on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.Volunteers are needed for set up, take down, decorating,  selling raffle tickets, check in and various others tasks.

Packing and sorting donations; Various times through the year we get the items that do not sell at local rummage sales. We need volunteers to help sort, box and move these items  to the storage facility.

Collections;  Each year we hold collections for various items such as School  Supplies, Natural Disaster Relief, Christmas  Toys and Mothers Day.  All these items have to be sorted, boxed and loaded on shipment days.

School Supplies; our school supply collection is so important to the children of Honduras, these are needed items to attend school.  In May of each year we begin our “end of the school year” collection. Schools in St Louis and Washington and surrounding areas collect the students partially used notebooks, gently used crayons, backpacks, glue and pencils, school uniforms etc. These items need to be sorted and made ready for shipment to Honduras.  In the fall again we take advantage of “back to School” specials at various stores, these again need to be boxed and made ready for shipment.

Collections; throughout the year we are given donations by various individuals, schools and businesses. These donations may need to be picked up. They then have to be sorted and made ready for our next shipment.

Donations; We are always in search of items for our shipments, perhaps your organization, church, or individuals would like to collect and donate various items for our missions, These could include but not be limited to personnel hygiene items, soap, first aid supplies, gently used toys,  school desks etc. Please see our Wish list under the Donate tab.

Shipments; Volunteers are always needed on Shipment Days, these could be on a Saturday or a weekday. The 40 foot container has to be loaded and all items accounted for on a manifest.  Sign up for our mailing list to know when these days and times are.

Interested in becoming a volunteer?  Please contact us to find out more about becoming a volunteer.